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Customer reviews

Find out what our traders have to say about We Fund Your Trade.

Trading with WFYT has been an absolute pleasure. Their team of skilled professionals is not only knowledgeable in their field but also dedicated to providing top-notch service and support. They took the time to understand my unique needs in trading, took me through their trading platform which was so simple to use, the platform tools, analysis of economic data etc. I cannot recommend WFYT highly enough for any person seeking to be funded and trade the rest of his life. Highly innovative and exceptional customer care.

Alfred K

I purchased my challenge a few weeks ago. Mohamed helped me with the platform and understanding how to use it and how to utilize all the tools and data that’s offered.

Their platform is very easy to use after a few days of getting used to it. I like their support team as they are quick and efficient to respond to my queries. thank you We Fund You Trade

Fouad K

I was looking for a way to get started in trading, but I didn’t have the capital to fund my own account. I found We Fund Your Trade and was impressed with the level of support they offer. I was matched with a trader, Mohammed, who had a proven track record of success. He helped me to develop a trading plan and provided me with ongoing support. I’m now making consistent profits and I’m very happy with the service I received from We Fund Your Trade.

Mohammed was a great help to me when I was starting out in trading. He was patient and knowledgeable, and he took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. He also provided me with ongoing support, which was really helpful. I’m now making consistent profits and I’m very grateful for the help that Mohammed gave me.


Great experience so far. The back office team are always available to help when I’ve needed, the platform seems to be very user friendly and everything is running smoothly. Great team.

Matt B

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the implications of rule violation?2023-08-24T13:20:00+00:00

The outcome varies depending on the specific rule violated. Some breaches may be classified as soft breaches, others as hard breaches leading to account failure. Certain violations could result in a complete ban from our platform and funding services.

Do Funded Traders sign a contract with WFYT?2023-08-24T13:19:49+00:00

Absolutely, all funded traders enter a contractual relationship with WFYT. A service agreement is required to be signed by each trader before a funded trading account is assigned.

What trading strategies are prohibited?2023-08-24T13:20:01+00:00

Prohibited strategies include Latency trading, Arbitrage trading, High-Frequency Trading (HFT), and Group hedging/reverse trading. Account management services are also not allowed.

What’s the profit target required to pass the challenge?2023-09-28T14:39:08+00:00

The total profit targets for our challenge are 10% for Step 1 and 5% for Step 2, based on the initial account balance. For instance, if your starting balance is $100,000 and your profit target is 10%, you would need to reach a balance of $110,000, including account equity. This implies that all positions must be closed.

Why should I consider becoming a WFYT funded trader?2023-12-15T16:44:20+00:00

If you’ve honed your trading skills through hours of market study and have successfully demonstrated profitable trades, you might be facing the common challenge of undercapitalisation. This is where becoming a WFYT funded trader comes in. Our model allows you to keep up to 85% of your profits and protect your investments as all losses are covered by WFYT. Imagine if your trading skills resulted in a 30% return one month. With a small personal investment, this might not seem significant. However, by managing a large account like $200,000, this return suddenly becomes much more attractive, especially when you retain up to 85% of it. It’s worth noting that trading is inherently risky, and all traders have periods of break-even or loss. WFYT mitigates this by covering all losses and imposing rules that enhance risk management, whilst still allowing your trading strategies to flourish.

Can I use Copy Trading during the evaluation process?2023-09-14T15:33:05+00:00

Copy Trading is not permitted during the evaluation stage if the intention is to pass the evaluation by mirroring another’s trades, whether from your evaluation accounts or from others. Traders found engaging in such practices may face review and potential breach of agreement, leading to the loss of the funded account.

What amount of capital will I be managing as a WFYT funded trader?2023-12-15T16:44:21+00:00

The capital you’ll be managing as a funded trader will be equivalent to the amount you handled during the WFYT Audition. For instance, if you demonstrated your trading skills with a $200,000 demo account during the audition, you would then be trusted with managing $200,000 of our capital in your funded account. All WFYT Audition accounts are demo accounts using virtual funds.

Can I employ hedging strategies?2023-09-14T15:37:59+00:00

Our trading platform permits simultaneous long and short positions in the same market. However, opposite positions across multiple accounts whether in the evaluation or live stage are considered a breach of conduct and could lead to account closure. For instance, trading EUR/USD long on one account and short on another is termed ‘grid trading’ and is not allowed.

What trading strategies can I employ?2023-12-19T15:37:06+00:00

WFYT places no restrictions on your trading strategy as long as you don’t use EA’s or connect via multiple devices or IP addresses.

What are the trading rules for funded accounts?2023-09-28T14:40:43+00:00

The trading rules for funded accounts closely mirror those of the evaluation stage. The same risk parameters apply to both the evaluation phase and funded accounts, except for the profit target rule which is removed.

Is the challenge carried out on a demo account?2023-08-24T13:19:57+00:00

Indeed, the challenge takes place on a demo account. This allows us to evaluate your consistent trading skills without any capital risk. Unlike typical demo accounts, our challenge accounts mirror the performance of live market conditions. However, as this phase is solely for assessment purposes, withdrawal of profits is not permissible.

Are there any hidden or recurring fees involved?2023-12-15T16:44:22+00:00

No, there are no hidden or recurring charges. The only fee is the one-time payment for the WFYT Audition. You won’t be asked to pay any ongoing monthly fees.

Why does WFYT charge a fee for the audition?2023-08-24T13:19:49+00:00

The fee charged for the WFYT Audition is in place for several reasons. Primarily, it helps cover our operational expenses, including technological platforms, personnel, customer service, marketing, and other crucial costs that contribute to a robust company. Furthermore, the fee ensures traders are committed to disciplined trading practices. The “skin in the game” concept encourages traders to manage their account responsibly. Notably, the audition fee is the only capital at risk for traders, as losses on live funded accounts are covered by WFYT. This fee also filters out and attracts only serious, profit-generating traders, fostering a strong WFYT community. Ultimately, we believe that the WFYT programme offers valuable service and the fee supports a beneficial, symbiotic relationship.

How is the Daily Loss calculated?2023-12-15T16:44:18+00:00

Initial Equity and Drawdown Limit: Starting with an equity of 100k, a trader has a daily drawdown limit of 5%. This implies they can’t let their equity drop below 95k on that day without breaching their challenge.

Profitable Day without Rollover: If, during the same trading day, a trader’s equity rises to 103k before rollover occurs, the daily drawdown limit remains anchored to the initial equity, meaning it’s still at 95k.

Profitable Day after Rollover: If a trader closes the day with an equity of 103k and the rollover takes place, the daily drawdown for the next trading day is recalculated based on this new equity value. Thus, 5% of 103k is 5150. For the next day, their equity shouldn’t go below $97,850.

Losing Scenario: Similarly, if the equity drops, the daily drawdown will be adjusted based on the closing equity of the day after the rollover.

Dashboard Update: Traders can keep track of their daily drawdown limits, which are continuously updated in the dashboard under the “performance” tab.

How can I start my journey as a WFYT funded trader?2023-08-23T10:06:34+00:00

To embark on your journey as a funded trader, simply select the assessment level that best suits you and undertake the WFYT Audition. This audition will assess your trading skills, profitability and risk management strategies. Upon successful completion of the audition, we’ll provide you with a funded account. It really is that simple.